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cen·te·nar·i·ans:  3. A personal journey of discovery alongside the world's wisest voices.


Joane Rogers was born as Mildred Rexer in Manhattan, New York in 1917. We begin our quest by sitting down with the former Vaudeville performer who shared her thoughts on new technology, Frank Sinatra, and the value of a lifelong friend. This is Joane: we can’t wait for you to meet her.




  • Find the people and things that keep you active. 

  • Focus on the life you have. 

  • Keep learning; don’t let the world pass you by. 

  • Gamble. Take Risks. 

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What you know by now is that Joane spent nearly 50 years as an entertainer, gracing the stages of some of New York’s most prestigious clubs, including Broadway’s historic Paramount Theater and even Leon and Eddie’s on the famed 52nd street. What you might not know is that she started on the New York Vaudeville circuit with her brother when they were only teenagers. 


(Vaudeville style performances were popularized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Often described as more circus than theater, performers specialized in choreography, comedy, and tap dance. While the advent of the radio and other forms of home entertainment eventually caused Vaudeville to fade away, it was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in North America for several decades. As such, its influences are still felt in live entertainment today.) 


A brother who also danced and a mother who lived to 107? It’s hard to ignore the possibility that GENETICS play a part in living a long, healthy life. However, while studies suggest that a long lifespan often “runs in the family,” genetics may not be the key to a longer life. That’s good news for those of us who don’t have a genealogy of long-livers. But what’s most important to Joane hasn’t been the length of her life, or even all of the memories she’s made: it’s an eye towards the FUTURE. 


Joane prides herself on her love of TECHNOLOGY, and never hesitates to ask others for help in figuring out the latest gadgets. Rather than getting hung up on the past, Joane LOOKS AHEAD. She stays busy, continuing to work at her local supermarket despite her age. How might this mindset affect the aging process? What does it mean to stay OPTIMISTIC, HOPEFUL, and EXCITED about the days to come, even after all these years? If you ask Joane, it could mean everything. 


At 103, Joane, our very first centenarian, is as full of life as ever. Maybe whatever it takes to keep on living is in her genes; maybe it comes from her willingness to face each new day without fear or worry. Regardless, one thing is for certain: from New York to Los Angeles, Vaudeville to the grocery store, it isn’t just the spotlight that makes Joane a star.

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