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cen·te·nar·i·ans:  6. An ambitious project to preserve and popularize 3,000 years of human wisdom.



We are Filmmakers, Journalists, and Educators on a mission to preserve first-person elder stories and explore the possibilities of meaningfulness in mass communication. 

We hope to make it clear that elder voices are not only valid but necessary for the advancement of future dialogue. We hope to make it clear to students of high schools and higher education that media can be used for more than political talking points and dance videos. We hope to make it clear that the testimonies of the early 20th century are paramount to preserve. 

We hope to make it clear that our world needs a shift in whom we consider role-models. We hope you are entertained. We hope you learn. We hope you grow. 




The NewMemory and Centenarians Team

A Project By


Presented By 

Michael Cantalupo

Directed By

Andriy Kyryllov



Executive Producers 


Michael Cantalupo

Fran Ruvo

James Cantalupo


Director of Photography


Andriy Kyryllov



Edited By


Andriy Kyryllov




Story Edited By


Michael Cantalupo




Written By 


Cameron Green 

Michael Cantalupo




Drums and Arrangement By 


Max Braunstein

Michael Cantalupo






Chapter One

Diana Lote


Chapter Two

Pamela Longsword




Lighting and Grip 


Slav G



Camera Operation 


Gavin Winnett



Sound Recordist


Chapter One

Manny Garcia

Chapter Two + Voiceover

Arthur Beyer



Post Production Sound 


Alexander Akikin



Colored By


The Ukrainian Sensations



Production Assistants 


Chapter One 



Chapter Two

Ben Rosado 




Equipment Provided By


Felipe Aguilar 

Fini Mazza




Music Composed By


Chapter One

Tony Anderson 




Catering Provided By 


Bagel Bar East



Special Thanks To

Filmgate Miami

Good Guy Productions 


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